very uncivillised

i absolutely agree with miss liyana.

the reminiscing of the past life only happens a few times and such exxegerations was made in the posts. it is not that we all here lying on our bed thinking bout the past with tears rolling down the cheek with a hopeless face and dark future...while u there striving manly pursuing your goal in spite of all the obstacles and madness..

i find that prior posts are treated as if we are all a damn 6 year old who is crying and nagging and crying and nagging to get attention....


our life is NOT that DAMN PATHETIC..

sorry to say but i find that azrul's post is very offensive.

it is just the first time for me to get on a nerve to start posting something serious in this blog and it feels lke u had been told to shut ur mouth when u are explaining ur problem.

we do enjoy our life here (at least for me) and all the re-run of the past only happened when that damn old fag rejected my proposal!

we are all grown up and we all expected to be treated by each other in an adult way and more civillised manner instead of a barbaric and extremely rude way.

if we are tired or bored with FOUR damn posts narrating about how our friend miss the past, just leave it to those who want to read it. nobody will get offended then.

as if our life is damn pathetic..

seolah-olah kite sme kat sini terguling-guling merengek-rengek meminta simpati pasal rindu kat 506 ...seolah-olah rindu sangat kat mnde lame sampai tak tertahan-tahan macam nak mati..

kamon la..i noe most of u does not learn BM nymore but cant u even remember the word HIPERBOLA ???

this rindu2 thing only happen once in a blue moon and yet we cant even tell this to others? adalah bodoh yang teramat saya ni jikalau saya fikir hanya saya yang ada masalah..semua orang pun ada masalah..

tetapi tahap kesusahan masalah itu berbeda-beda,

mungkin korang takde masalah MARA nak korang score 38 untuk secure tmpat kat Universiti..mungkin korang takde masalah univrsiti Manipal da tak diiktiraf kerajaan India..mungkin korang tak disponsor oleh MARA yang skang ni ketiadaan duit dan kami skalian perlu usaha lebih untuk secure tampat dapat scholarship...mungkin korang tkde masalah performance IB kat KMS x bagus n de ura-ura satu batch kitorang kene pindah banting..

mungkin korang takde masalah2 sme tu tapi surely korang de masalah laen..
dan aku percaya setiap masalah itu korang akan selesaikan dengan baik termasuklah masalah rindu TGB atau rindu 506...dan apalah salahnye kalau kite memnta nasihat2 untuk terus bergerak kehadapan..dan apalah salahnya kalau kite nasihat menasihati sesama kte...

sunguhpun kite ni de masalah, saya percaya yang kite sme ni berkebolehan menguruskan diri kite demi menggalas amanah negara dan bangsa..bukanlah kite ni terlalu bodoh dan bahlol sehingga memikirkan kenangan TGB tu setiap saat.

We are not that pathetic..we are not that chronic.
we are just expresssing our problem that we think should be expressed instead of keeping it in our deep heart core.

all of us are missing the old memories
all of us are trying our best to adapt to the new situation..

i know that!
i am not a damn 6 years old who doesnt know how to manage his own probs and life.
sorry but i am not that damn pathetic.
i respect everybody here that respond in such a good and civillised manner even in their deep heart core, they might feel boring too.
we are all grown up, act like one. treat others with respect. dont even understand what they are trying to say and yet started to fire up like hell.

if some of us wud like to tell the whole world bout how imprtant they are; running a big fancy event, then go ahead!

if some of us us wanna show the whole world how creative he iss; wrting a poem bout how they first enter tgb, then go head..

if some of us wanna share their problems and wanna tell the whole world how they miss TGB, let them be then!

firing and cursing up ppl will only insult and humilate ourselves! MAN should treat each other with humanity and respect!

camon la..we are all grown up and civillised person. act like one please. such harsh language will only potray our childish, uncivillised, and narrow mindset and attitude. it just make me wonder who is the one who is being unprofessional and immature.

i dunno whether u guys really got the message or not.
i treat u guys in the way of the adults.
i am very dissapointed with such barbaric act and i am very sure that such act was commited not in purpose of insulting us. perhaps our friend here misunderstood us and not being in a full concious mind at the time he wrote it. may such incident never repeat anymore.

i wud like to stress that i am not a pathetic guy who is lying on my bed crying and mourning over the past history and do nothing to pursue my goal.
i am not that pathetic

p/s ; sori if i hurt anyone. i do welcome any forms of reply and if arguments are to be made, please argue constructively and properly..gud luck in wuteva u r doing


Hairman said...

aku pon ade problem ngn MARA
aku nyer agremen xsmpai ag
org len dh nk dpt duit
aku xdpt borg pon nk isi

p/s: utp mmg sampah!!! demshit!!!

KiteKamu said...

booooo,azrul kne marah..
serius dooh mu nih..
aku tkut gocoh jah..
roomate aku tuh weh...
aku jago..mu setoh sket jah,biru butir mato mu aku katok!!!

Anonymous said...

hhaha..aku x kesah mner un...
org nk nutuk aku ker..
nk cursing aku ker..
dah x kesah...

uit hosni...
no offnse la..
juz a murmuring from my side..
not intend un to look like im not respcting korunk sumer..


-azrul kacak-

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

to hairman;
MARA is a ral troublesome..take me 6 month to get my first allowance

to bob;
hajak nok gocoh doh, mujur mikir saing...mujur sek mu dok mmapuh pulok hok aku tulih..kalu dop meme gocoh sungguh...bendo gini tokleh wak maing..kalu mu jadi aku mu panah gop..biar la..tadok gapo doh..malah nok baloh..blanjo pise goreng so riyal sudoh..

to azrul;
if such remarks came from someone hu i dont even met before, it doesnt mean anything.. but it came from a friend, an ex-clasmet, who had been chanting out loud the words of friendship.. i biliv i am not d only one who was offended..if u r in our shoes also u will be offended with such reply..btw, let the bygone be bygone, may such incident never happened and may this misunderstanding come to an end.. gud luck with wuteva u r doing..sori again my friend..

bawangmerah said...

*you say best when you say nothing at all*

thank you hosni.
bile baca satu per satu post, hati rasa macam hape.
when it comes to this one, thank you. that's the best that i can say.
u made my day.

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

sengkiu2..i feel energetic!~

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

sengkiu2..i feel energetic!~