Bay-woak Are-nying

Kolej MAGHA Seremban is proud to be the host for the Nadwah Islamiah for the contingents from all the Kolej MAGHA and Kolej Professional MAGHA all over the country.

and its beloved students are proud to leave their 5-star hostel to go back home or just dwelling on the streets of Kuala Lumpur just to provide hospitality for those people.

and some of the beloved students proudly choosed to stay, proudly becoming a volunteer..proudly says; i am not one of them

but like them, i proudly choosed to stay here (gile babi nok balek? prabih pitih jah) i proudly doewan to be the volunteer. but f course i will menyibuk-nyibuk if i got nothing better to do!~

besides, we the PIONEER BIZ SDN BHD proudly will sell cur-pook lay-core !~~ a delicious and scrumptious food from my proud hometown in France near a proud kingdom called Gaarnoo.

(sorry if the excessive usage of the word "proud" disturb your balanced hormones)

There will be a few goals that i attempt to fulfill this 4 days of holiday

- To finish watching The Arrival documentary series

- To start watching Prison Break series

- To watch Slumdog Millionaire (Jidi said it is great, no wonder won 8 Oscar award)

- To update my blog (which had been fulfilled)

- To update my posts in my 506 blog (also had been done)

- To finish all those Chemistry exercise handouts

- To finish all the Maths questions

- To revise back Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply as well as Macroeconomic Equillibrium (I still cant see the light in Economy)

- To finish reading my latest Dik Cerdas comic which i had bought few weeks ago!

- To finish reading The Malays, a book by S. Husin Ali

- To finish reading Meniti Senja, another stupid novel to be studied in this IB programme!

- To proceed reading Buat Duit dengan Menulis which the last time I read it is a month ago

- To study Biology for the next re-test. (the previous one was a cow shit)

- To eat Gardenia Butterscotch bread (which is the thing that i am doing rite now besides writing this)

- To lead the my Entrepreneurship Club selling those Cur-pook Lay-core for the Nadwah contingents, to acieve the maximum profit, thus increasing our revenue!~ Pionerr Biz!~ (with Hitler's way of saluting)

- To explore my Friendster network! It has been long since i left this hobby

- To explore the blog network. Hope to find something good to read.

- To consider on creating a Facebook account (afraid cant manage it)

Although to many goals to be fulfilled, i am completely believe that all of them can be done. In spite of all the obstacles and lazinees, Lord Hosni de Croquignolet will do whatever it takes in pursuing his goal. He will ac in spite of his mood. He will act in spite of his fear. He will give 100% commitment. With the word of La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadan Rasul Allah , he will strive manly on this very road, all the way to the light of glory!~~


p/s; Lord Hosni Croquignolet would like to apologise if this entry is very much similar with the one that he post recently in his own blog. At least, this very postscript will make a big difference.

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