Three - Tiga - Telu - Salasatun

 Rob Thomas - Little Wonders

Salam/ hye,

Some of us are pursuing studies in Malaysia,
Some of us are already had the title "international students" in overseas,
and some of us till waiting to start studying...

but at one point, we might think back,
on the date of 26th November of 2007, where our Last paper Biology was held.
It was a joyful moment, but at the same time, the tears of our heart burst to the air.
The moment...the moment of tears, smiles, hugs, wishes, promises, and "bye-bye".
The feeling were all crumpled, and made us to have an extra thing....thing to be missing of.

3 years has passed.
Now, i guess, everyone is already have their own life...
Studies, Medic, Accountancy, Tessel, Engineering, Photography, Blogging, Writing, Backpacking, Travelling, etc.
To be able reminiscing memories of you guys is a blast for me.
I'm really feel to be grateful, and Alhamdulillah for such friends of 506 2007.
I am what I am, but by meeting you guys, I am not what I was. :)

*Abaikan grammatical errors. Siap ade "s" tu errors, tau dah banyak salah. hahaha~
**MARA, masuklah duit. aku dah kebosanan kat UTP nieh. -.-"