people of d world~

people,ak taw ak xpnh post anything here.kire kmunculan petame ak ar.
hmm..da lame kowt ak x ikot idop korg.(plezz,dun mind my bm.so contaminated wif d mind setting of going to d states already.hehe..)
sori r..blogging is juz not my thing.but still,ak maw gak kte spatah due
ak actually mengong da skang coz i kinda miz 506.by 'kinda miss' here means ak jrg ikot d claz xtvt rite.so,nothing much 2 b missed.but still, 506 lag bez dr claz ak skang. i am a prson who doesnt look back 4 no reason, but here i am saying dat i miss 506 n dat 506's d bez claz i've ever had.
laz year's claz was fine.quite a number of things i've done wif my clazm8s.but dis year,they suck!!
but still ak nk korg tgk kgedikan ak wif clazm8.dorg je yg ak cmfortble wif. :)

i wuz always comparing dis year's claz wif 506.haiz~tetbe ak rse ak da jdik pnchenta memori,which never happend to me b4.mayb im not d type 2 show my affection 2 y'all,but i wanna say how much i love u guys.tho ak mmg x byk involve ngn korg.
life in s alam wuz nuthing like tgb.mayb becoz of d people.OMG!!these people cn drive u crazy.lucky 4 me,ak dpt rum8 ex-lgkawi,n we're facing d same prob:communicating wif d ex-SBP-ians.they are juz aliens 2 us.most of these people speak their own language.yez!!we're speaking english here,but their english is nuthing like our english.i dun mean dat their usage is different,it's d message they deliver.they think in such ways dat u would never think of.


(oops,no offense)

seb bek ak tggl bpe buln jek lagik.owh ye..people,i've news for y'all.
ak da dpt univ..


actually,ak x sda pown yg mase da byk blalu.i've been living wif d memories of tgb,so i kinda 4get dat i'm living present,not d past.sumtymes ak feel down gler2 smpykn ak tpakse make myself numb.ak da maken xde prasaan idop kt cni..cm hosn gak,i'm counting my every second 2 get the hell out of d claz.nobody would prasan my absence.it won't make much diference pown.i am of no use 2 them.dorg study,ak maen.dorg kua 2gether,ak kua ngn org len.so,i'm not much a part of d claz la.
d only goal ak ade skang in d claz is to get evrything done n get the hell out of it.being quite a prson,ak sndirik x phm nape ak cm nih skang.

(alang2 ak da mntaip nih,i might as well upd8 y'all wif sum parts of my life aftr tgb..)

lagi brite..skang org asek ajk ak wat sex..muke ak jaat sgt ke smpy dorg mnx sex kt ak?hmm...

n sori psl ala2 trabur post nih.ak x smpt nk edit lbey2..sori r people..
owh ye..another thing..song happy by mocca is specially dedicated 2 y'all.kalo korg feeling down ke,pe ke,ke 1 moment to listen 2 it k.mmuahx~


Syazwan Harun said...

terkejut aku ko post :)

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

at last..izzat finally do have a soul in her body!~~

kemunculan pertama yg menarek..
keep it up! =)

seyh e-go said...

of coz i do..duh~
sorry 4 not being rajen 2 post anthing b4 dis.