"It may be on this 22nd"

Thursday, 18th February - Lord Hosni yesterday confirmed to the media that one of his best companion in his old school days, Haidar Hanif, will be leaving Malaysia for Melbourne in several days time. The exact date wasnt confirmed but Lord Hosni the Wise said that it could be on the 22nd.

"I am very happy for him, as I always know this is a dream come true for him. He is now sponsored by the Civil Service Department after MARA has decided to sponsor him only after he manage to score 13 in the next A2 Paper that he will have to take again."

"He will be pursue his study in the university of Melbourne and realise his dream to become an engineer, though his hairs need a trim. He will join Liyana, who has been there since last Sunday, pursuing her study in accounting under the sponsorship of the Central Bank." Lord Hosni added.

Although Lord Hosni have already consider that this news is already widespread, he feels that it is better for him to announce it during a press session yesterday at his mansion. He also gladly informed that another ex-classmate of him, Amirah Kariwon, is now in Marsfield, pursuing her tertiary level for actuarial science.

"She must has a good intention of not announcing this but I am sure that she is just safe and sound. Our nation indeed in dire need of a Javanese actuarial scientist, and I am happy for this triumph of her. It is best for us to wish them goodluck pray for their succes and also for our success. This will lead to mutual benefit in the future." Lord Hosni concluded with a smile in his face. - AFP



Qeef said...

aq fly Togo 29 ni... ;P

pja_chan said...

ahaa. sngallll

buat berita psl aku fly plak

mybe 21mac kot hihii

btw korg anta haidar x??

Syazwan Harun said...

sume fly ;(

Lord Hosni the Wise said...

sori, format berita salah..

takde name tmpat..adoyai

Lord Hosni the Wise said...

sori, format berita salah..

takde name tmpat..adoyai

Lord Hosni the Wise said...

update 1

Haidar has just leave for Melbourne early this morning at 10am.

+intan+ said...

"...though his hair needs a trim" lol! wht the heck does tht have to do with becoming an engineer!lol!

tq hosni,for keeping us updated..rse cm sedey lak sume org fly..cm smakin3 jauh je sume org

weh bro(wan), tu r,spe soh ko genius sgt, msia pon syg nk anta ko oversea..haha,lek r, nnt ko fly gak kan..

to pja n syaqif: selmt fly!