(noun) - a game like tennis played by two or four people, usually indoors. Players hit a small light kind of ball, originally with feathers around it (= a shuttlecock ) across a high net using a racket.

i couldn't help myself when playing.
the bruise seems not to fade anyway.
and everytime i look at it, i realize,
there's no one ever warn me, just the way you did about years ago, azrul.


pja_chan said...

'years ago'
how fast time's flying~

Syanaz Daidouji said...

Is it just me or one of the bruises took an s shape? However on earth la did u play badminton...haha

Btw,once I played badminton kat d'laks with a friend whom I don't rmember,n there were 2 unknown guys challenging us. Since I'm no lin dan or uncle sidek punye anak, I hit the shuttlecock and it went up straight above me together with my racquet while my body made a 180 degrees turn.
Now that was super embarrasing that I had to write it out of my brain. Thank you :)

P/s: I didn't fall horribly.that' do.