i was all alone just now, 30 minutes before mom get back from school. in that 30 minutes, i drew this hena on my right hand. it isn't so difficult to have it because i used to draw hena ever since i was 15. this photo shows my simple design. i intend to develop my skill from time to time so that there will be variety of designs i can do.
well, just in case you guys are planning to get married, feel free to contact me at 013-*** *** 7. there will be no fee charged. it's free ok because i am your friend.



lordhosni said...

aku nak jadi assistant ko ble x?
aku ni de bakat gak hal2 seni ni

farahin said...

owh...boleh je. tapi kau amek pengantin laki, bukan pengantin perempuan.

bob said...

hosni bleh wat inai kt perot...
bkn stkt bunga2, lukisan mural pon bleh...

Lord Hosni the Wise said...

dulu di klej masa english carnival kan KMS dapat negara india. puak2 ni banyak la dapat inai.

puak2 ni pakat wat tatu kat lengan pakai inai, aku pun stret wa 6 pax atas perut..tahan gak sbulan..

ah..i miss my old days..